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Company History

CSW is a leading provider of XML products for electronic health records and knowledge management in the health and pharmaceutical sectors. The company began operations in 1993, with its first customers being the NHS and Ford Motor Company.

photo of Doctor at computer Since December 2003, CSW has been working to provide solutions to support the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), which is being delivered by the new Department of Health agency NHS Connecting for Health (CfH). CSW's products and services having been selected as key components of the NHS Care Records Service or 'Spine' for England. Since June 2004, CSW has been engaged with the Capital Care Alliance (LSP for London) as a supplier of local systems in London. The Case Notes product was also chosen by Informing Healthcare in 2003 as the product base for the Technical Proof of Concept for the Single Record in Wales - the project completed successfully in summer 2004.

The history of key milestones in the development and deployment of Case Notes in the NHS is shown below:


- CSW connects with NHS staff developing the Oxford Clinical Intranet


- National EHR demonstrators


- Case Notes installed at Oxford Radcliffe Hospital


- South Staffs ERDIP demonstrator for out-of-hours GP services


- Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust Electronic Patient Record

- Doncaster pan community system linking health and social services


- NHS Lifehouse project - pan London EHR prototype

- Health Records Infrastructure (HRI) - national data sharing proof of concept


- National 'Data Spine' (NHS Care Records Service, with BT and LogicaCMG)

- London Mental Health, out of hours record

- Tees Virtual Pathology System


- Wales TPoC (Single Record, Technical Proof of Concept)

- DMICP - Health Record for the Armed Forces (pilot, with IBM)


- Child Health, for Connecting for Health in London

- Single Assessment Process (SAP) for Older People, for Connecting for Health in London

CSW is also a leading supplier knowledge management and delivery systems, with our product, KMS, sharing the same technology platform as our clinical systems. Customers of CSW's XML-based content and knowledge management technology since 1998 have included the Pharmaceutical Press (for production of the BNF), British Medical Journal Publishing Group, BBC, United Nations FAO and Jaguar Cars.

XML-based Knowledge Management Suite
Cross-Agency, Shared Care Electronic Health Records
Improves Bed Management and Reduce Average Length of Stay
XML-based Knowledge Management Suite
Cross-Agency, Shared-Care Electronic Health Records
Improves Bed Management & Reduces Average Length of Stay