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Examples of CSW's skills, knowledge and innovation can be seen in the various projects we have successfully completed with our customers. A selection of these case studies for both shared care records management and knowledge management and delivery are shown below.

NOTE: You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read these case studies. If you do not have this software please click below:

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Shared Care Case Studies:



A Patient Record Integration Service for Worcestershire (404kb)
A Patient Record Integration Service for health and social care across Worcestershire using a modular approach to integrating data from existing legacy systems. The solution provides a safe and secure development path to build up and integrate with new ICRS products as they become available.


London Risk Data Sharing Service (310kb)
24-hour access to a service users shared electronic risk record which encompasses; Health, Social Care, Police, Probation and Ambulance services across the metropolitan area. It can be accessed through a standard web browser allowing data entry and data viewing for the participating organisations from over 40 different locations.


South Staffordshire Health Community (286kb)
A full Electronic Health Record developed for The South Staffordshire Health Community (SSHC) who were asked to be one of four Government flagship projects to pilot the first EHR systems.


An Electronic Health Record for Doncaster (321kb)
The local health and social care community at Doncaster decided to work with CSW Health Ltd to develop and implement an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to cover information sourced from Doncaster Social Services and acute care at Doncaster Royal Infirmary in addition to the services provided by the Trust.


Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals (ORH) (538kb)
An integrated Electronic Patient Record (EPR), sharing information across many departmental systems in Oxfordshire. The system provides secure access to 85 Practices, serving almost 10,000 clinical users with 1.5million service user records. This is now being extended to incorporate Mental Health and Social Care across Oxfordshire.


Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust (953KB)
An effective and user-friendly EPR system including clinical modules and data sets in support of all Laboratory disciplines, admission, discharge and referral; and all data collections in support of the Coronary Heart Disease NSF to support a population of 750,000.


Case Notes for Integrated Care Records in the NHS - Summary Case Study (162kb)
A summary case study of CSW's Case Notes implementations for Integrated Care Records at four key NHS sites - Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust; South Staffordshire Health Authority; Wrightington, Wigan & Leigh NHS Trust and Doncaster & South Humber Healthcare NHS Trust.

Earlier Projects/Prototypes:

Burton Natural Community EHR (391kb)
An Electronic Health Record (EHR) prototype created for Burton Natural Community for different user scenarios: NHS Direct, Community Nursing, Emergency Ambulance Service, GP, Out of Hours Service and Acute Hospital Care.


Oxford Clinical Intranet (380kb)
The award winning Oxford Clinical Intranet that not only allows clinicians to pick up reports from eight different departmental systems, but also provides relevant clinical support from any one of some 500 linked computers.

Central Hampshire Natural Community EHR (507kb)
Central Hampshire Natural Community asked CSW to help them take the initial steps towards achieving the national strategic aims for healthcare by simulating the use of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) which incorporates Clinical Headings as a means of navigating the EHR.

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Knowledge Management & Delivery Case Studies:


CSW is currently a member of a consortium working on the EU-funded Pan European Electronic Safe (PEELS) project, which aims to validate the market for a web-based digital archiving service, enabling easy and secure archiving of digital documents in the European Union member states. The project aims to provide the following benefits:

  • Paperless processing of information
  • Citizen's online access to their personal data
  • Quick and secure access to important document

BBC Case Study (1,703KB)
A complete end-to-end, web-based document editing and management solution to manage and maintain the information and reports collected by the Research Information Unit (RIU) on a daily basis. The new system is designed for external users to search and view information and for internal RIU staff to edit, collate and disseminate new information efficiently and effectively.

Jaguar PDF
Jaguar Case Study (131KB)
A global dealer training material production and distribution XML portal application, to automate the process of creating and delivering dealer and instructor training guides. The new solution supports authors, illustrators, translation agencies and printers working at many diverse locations.
Finance PDF
Finance Case Study (277kb)
Development of an XML-based client portfolio portal for a leading investment management company. The new system enables automated personalised investment reports to be generated electronically, on request and provides online access to the information contained in fund packs, individual funds, consolidated funds, cash accounts and stock holding transactions.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (294KB)
A Web Services integration framework and Country Profiles information portal, integrating:

  • Statistical information
  • Bibliographic databases
  • Document repositories
  • World Bank statistics
  • BBC News service


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XML-based Knowledge Management Suite
Cross-Agency, Shared Care Electronic Health Records
Improves Bed Management and Reduce Average Length of Stay
XML-based Knowledge Management Suite
Cross-Agency, Shared-Care Electronic Health Records
Improves Bed Management & Reduces Average Length of Stay